Children’s National. It’s Monumental.

The Children’s Ball became the signature fundraising event for Children’s National Health System in 2007. Over the past 11 years, the gala has raised more than $28 million to fund advances in research, care, and advocacy for children’s health.

Your support of the Children’s Ball will help to:

  • Remove barriers. Children’s National serves as the primary care facility for families in the District of Columbia, which has a higher rate of children living in poverty than the national average. Your support will give these children access to Children’s National’s specialists, dentists, and mental health professionals.

  • Lift a burden. Philanthropic support allows doctors and nurses to focus on their most important work -- healing children.

  • Fuel innovation and flexibility. In order to advance children’s medicine for children everywhere, doctors and researchers must constantly seek new ways to treat and cure children. Your contribution will mean that dollars can be used to develop technology, therapies, and cures.

  • Expand services. By treating every child who needs our care, including many from underserved communities, doctors are able to learn more about what is causing the most prevalent conditions and health behaviors among children. Chronic conditions like asthma, diabetes, developmental delays, obesity, HIV/AIDS, and sickle cell anemia require ongoing specialized care with your support, we are able to tackle every aspect of these conditions from medical diagnosis to education and support for patients and their families.